Done with being sick so I’m trying to get back to normal

Yep I was sick!  That’s all I could talk about but I’m glad that it’s passed.  I actually want to get moving again.  I guess the best thing about getting sick was it happened after a marathon which forced me into rest/recovery mode.  Things are almost back to normal but I can’t hear out of my ear!  It’s still blocked up.

The big lesson to learn from my sickness incident is: listen to your body.  If you’re sick it’s best to get over it instead of trying to push through it.  Kind of funny coming from me since I ran a marathon with my sickness but that was a different circumstance.  I spent a lot of money to run that race and there was no way I wasn’t crossing that finish line.

Take the friendly advice: catch it before it gets bad, load up on vitamin C on a regular basis, get a flu shot (but I’m convinced now I got sick from the flu shot) and wash your hands regularly!  Everyone seems to be getting sick right now and that’s probably due to the weather change but you can stop the spread of it by washing your hands.

I make sure I take a multi vitamin along with a vitamin D supplement, Ester C and a B-complex!  Sadly, I got a little lazy with taking these vitamins for about two months and I think I compromised my immune system too much.  When I was taking those things regularly, I never got sick so now it’s time to jump back on the plan.

Because I was at home and feeling better, I was allowed to take part in this week’s meal prep.  So this is what is on our menu this week:

Breakfast:  Egg white muffins and overnight oats.

I changed up the overnight oats for the fall edition.  Strawberries are on the way out and apples are on the way in.  So I’ve been adding cinnamon apples to the mix.  Willie really seems to like it but he still wont’ do pumpkin.  I might have to try to sneak it in this week!

Lunch:  Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie


We use to eat a lot of Shepherd’s pie but Willie didn’t like it.  Maybe because I started adding a lot of veggies that didn’t necessarily go together.  It really became too much and not good.  I took it off the menu for about 2 years.  It’s back now and it’s rather tasty.  Get the recipe on Willie’s blog. I served it up with a side of turnip greens!

Dinner:  Turkey burgers

Turkey burger salad

When it comes to dinner we want to least fuss possible meal ever.  Willie is knee deep in marathon training and you know I’m constantly doing something so it’s just easier to throw something together very quickly. I purchased some Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger Low Fat Dressing this week (I was too lazy to make my own) and it’s pretty good.  I usually stay away from these dressings in a bottle because salad dressing is very easy to make on your own, but this stuff was good.  It also had an ingredients list I could live with for a few minutes.

Snacks:  Luna bars, greek yogurt and cinnamon apples


I’m back on the Luna bars because I just felt a little fuller when I ate them.  I love the Larabars but sometimes it just didn’t seem like enough.  I’m still eating the HEB 100 greek yogurt because it’s convenient.  Last week Willie bought a bunch of apples that I didn’t eat because I wasn’t feeling well.  I had to do something with them before they went bad so I just cooked them up with some cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and a snack was born.

Election Day

I’m glad to report to be back to working out to my normal standards so it’s going to be a great week. It’s election day so please take the time to vote!  We are very blessed to live in a country where our voices our heard through a democratic process so take advantage of your right to vote and just vote!

Did you vote? What’s on  your menu this week?