Happy Friday!

I had grand plans for the blog this week, but guess what? I failed to execute those plans. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter you know I’ve been making a road trip across the deep south!

A nice view with my breakfast and working out and running this AM!

Immediately when we got here on Wednesday evening, I went for a run. Marathon training never stops!

I will tell you one thing, I’ve been incredibly tired. Sleep can throw off your weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Sleep helps your body recover and repair, so if you’re not getting enough your body will not function properly. When I’m tired, I get short and irritated with people which is a whole other problem. Experts say a person needs between 7-8 hours if solid sleep to maintain a healthy life and body!

Right now im in Alabama. look at my view! I’m at a place that doesn’t have great Internet so I really can’t blog and post for real until I get to a better place for Internet. I didn’t want you to think I abandoned the blog because I haven’t! Posts about my adventures will come soon.

Have a great weekend! I’m road tripping and running a race this weekend, what are you doing? How much sleep do you get a night?