I’ve been traveling for the past week, and I’m still going. I’m not sure if travel and healthy eating can go in the same sentence, but I’m going to try to make some sense of the whole thing. Situation #1: You hardly travel and decide to live your life and not care about what you’re eating. Situation #2: You travel frequently, but maintain some balance but fall into the trap of “it’s not like I’m HERE every day” so you can enjoy so local cuisine. Situation #3: You don’t care either way.  This person is probably not reading this blog… View Post

Hello all! I think I am ready to make my return to blogging. I have been going through a lot of things lately but I think I need to just come back. There will never be a right time and my mind will never really be free of stress. These are probably the moments that I need to be blogging. Yesterday, I hit the road for Georgia. Thank goodness for having friends that live at the half way point of life. I was able to drive halfway yesterday and finish it up today. I will be making the full drive… View Post

It’s Travel Tuesday so I’m taking a health/food/fitness break to tell you about my next adventure.  It’s all related somehow anyway, right?  I never would have dreamed of doing all the things I do now if I hadn’t lost the weight. My eyes are wide open now.  I’m ready to explore. So my next big adventure will be a road trip to Las Vegas.  This is kind of monumental because I’ve never been to las Vegas before and I’ve never driven that far by myself.  I’m probably violating a road trip rule by going by myself, but it’s just something… View Post

I should be sleeping right now since I’ll be running 32 miles tomorrow in the heat but I’m not.  I’m up.  I couldn’t stop thinking about posting this blog post. I couldn’t end Friday without it. We drove to outside Austin today.  It was a nice day.  The temperature seems to have calmed a bit and the sun was shining. I just can’t get over how beautiful the day turned out to be.  Makes me want to drive a long way with the windows down and the radio up. We did get stuck in traffic so time was limited.  There… View Post

Happy Thursday everyone!  I didn’t do any meal prep this week because it was all up to Willie so I don’t have a food video for you this week.  I’ve been working really hard on these videos and it’s a learning process.  It’s something I feel is adding more to the blog. Here are the videos this week: Drink more water…and add some flava! Keep your fitness appointment because it’s just as important as anything else in your life. Watch and get motivated! And my weekend road trip to Mississippi/Alabama by myself. Boo! Have you tried a water enhancer? Did… View Post