Week in Review #4 2020

Hello, friends. I feel like I just did this post, probably because I was late putting the last week in review up. It’s been a week. I’ve tried to stay off of social media due to the nastiness of what went on. It’s been nice to have a bit of a break. My Tot had some sinus issues this week, which made her a bit whiny. That’s mom’s life, though. She’s feeling better, but it’s made me work that much harder.   The blog suffered a bit, but I did get my gift guide for runners.  I worked hard on this… View Post

RIP Panera BBQ Chicken Salad

I received some sad news yesterday sitting in the drive-thru at Panera Bread.  I ordered the same thing I’ve been eating for a while, the BBQ Chicken Salad.  Instead of hearing, please drive around, I heard some chilling news.  The salad is going off the menu.  This made my heart sink. This is my go-to order. I don’t have to wait forever in line and it’s always there when I forgot my lunch or waited too late to eat. Now it’s gone. I’m a creature of habit. I find one thing and I stick with it. I’m loyal to the… View Post

Hello 2015!

The post is late, but I wanted to share how I spent the first day of the year with you.  First off, I want to tell you how I spent New Year’s Eve! First I carb loaded and then… I went to sleep at 9pm. This morning we got up early so I could run a marathon.  I know you’re shocked, right?  The race recap will be up tomorrow but I wanted to show you the medal.  It’s the one on left and it weighs 3.1 pounds. It’s kind of heavy. After the race, we stopped by Panera Bread to… View Post

Happy Late Friday from the road

I’m a bad blogger, I didn’t post anything at all today. I have a good excuse, I was driving in the car all day. It’s Ruben Studdard Celebration weekend which means I’m gearing up for the 3rd Annual Magic City Half Marathon. I am looking forward to the race even though it’s supposed to be really COLD.  I’m trying to decide if I’m actually going to run this race or just have a good time.  To try to PR or not?  I AM supposed to be in taper! I wish I could say I am having a good day but… View Post