After the marathon…

You know what?  It’s super hard for me not to run.  I know I needed to take the days off but I really just wanted to run and I had already built up this serious running thing.  I had to take a few days off which is fine because I still had to teach my cycle classes. I need to take it easy and not hurt myself. I think people always forget about recovery!

After the marathon I thought I would be hurting but I’m not.  I’m having a little ache in my knees but that’s due to not stretching and the stress the cold put on my body.  My mind immediately went to the next marathon so I’m looking forward to January for The Louisiana Marathon!

Yesterday was my first day back running!

Ran 5 miles with #GTStrutters and then ate #pitapit! #running #runchat

I ran an easy 5 with two of my running friends as we looked at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Never underestimate the power of running with people. It will do nothing but help you. That was a tough lesson to learn, especially after Saturday, because I usually am a solo running. I’m not against running alone unless I ABSOLUTELY have to do it! We meet at the yogurt shop to run every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm but yesterday there was no eating yogurt cause we all headed over to the Pita Pit! Willie and I LOVE the Pita Pit! It’s like Subway but with pitas instead. I also like how the put the nutritional information on the menu so you can see that when ordering.


I love my running group! It’s filled with some great people that have become some of my very best friends! Plus, it’s always nice to hang around people who understand your incessant need to register for races.

Today I had to teach my cycle class and then I went to Centergy! Oh how I’ve missed that class. I really need to stretch more because it’s better for my running. But now I’m tired. I’ve been taking it easy this week because I did run a marathon on Saturday and I’m five weeks out from my next marathon! Next week I think I’ll pick things up a bit and head back into my regular schedule.

So what was your workout for the day?