The end of a Friday

I should be sleeping right now since I’ll be running 32 miles tomorrow in the heat but I’m not.  I’m up.  I couldn’t stop thinking about posting this blog post. I couldn’t end Friday without it.

Driving down the back roads. #roadtrip #texas #austin

We drove to outside Austin today.  It was a nice day.  The temperature seems to have calmed a bit and the sun was shining. I just can’t get over how beautiful the day turned out to be.  Makes me want to drive a long way with the windows down and the radio up.


We did get stuck in traffic so time was limited.  There wasn’t much time for hanging out because we needed to eat dinner.  Everyone else ate Freebirds but I settled on Salata.  The guy fixing my salad kept saying “very healthy salad.”  I thought it was amusing.


It was a pretty chill day filled with some interesting moments. But I got to see my best friend so that’s pretty cool. I just wanted to blog before I went to sleep. Don’t forget to watch my newest video:

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Do you have any interesting plans? Let me know in the comments.