Five Things Friday: Learned on a road trip

It’s late and it’s almost no longer Friday, but I’m going to make it just in time to post my five things Friday. I had a rough start to the day and realized I probably just needed a little break and some sleep.  I bailed on my long run this morning because I was tired. I knew I needed to get in the car to drive to see my very best friends today too so I made the smart decision to bail out on the run and go back home to sleep before leaving.


It was a road trip and it allowed me to think about a few things.  So here are the five things I learned on my road trip today.

1. Traffic is inevitable so always work it into your plan.  It’s better to plan for it than to not.  There will always be construction.  There will always be an accident.  There will always be people holding up traffic gawkblocking that accident.  Just schedule it into your plan.

2. Audio is important.  Some people like tunes.  I think I prefer the podcast.  Today’s six hour car trip consisted of Girl on Guy and The Crabfeast.  I tried the tunes but I settled into my road trip groove when I turned the podcast on.

3. Road trips are always better with someone else in the car.  Willie and I seem to have our best conversations when we’re driving.  The funniest moments will happen.  Stupid conversations will pop up. Laughter will come at some people.  Having someone to share the experience with means a lot.

4. That being said, I think everyone should go on a road trip by themselves at least one.  I think you learn so much more about yourself.  You spend time with yourself thinking about whatever it is: something serious to random funny moments in life.  It forces you to spend time with yourself, and sometimes you just need to focus on yourself.  Driving in the car is the perfect time to do that.

5. Plan to make at least one stop along the way.  There is so much focus on getting to the end point that you don’t think about what is happening in between.  I’m sure there is something interesting along every route that is worth the stop.  Find out what it is and just take a few minutes to see what it’s about.

My dream is to get an airstream and travel across the United States.  I would LOVE to road trip to the Northwest and into Canada.

Where would you want to road trip?