Make life happen

I know I haven’t been blogging and that’s on me. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been here, I just haven’t made blogging a priority when I know I should. I’ve had some tough moments this year and I let some things slip away from me.

I may have created a bad habit of complaining instead of acting. I haven’t been practicing the things I say on the blog. The past two weeks I’ve been focusing on change and I’ve come to a conclusion.

Make life happen.

There is a lesson learned in every situation. There is glory in the journey. Those are the moments that I need to focus on. Things will go wrong. This may not work out the way I thought but that doesn’t mean things won’t work out.

Make life happen by not just learning from the experiences but enjoying the moments, too. There is always a good part of a bad situation. I shouldn’t dwell on the things that went wrong, I should focus on what went right.

Today I’m choosing to commit to making life happen no matter the outcome. Today I will stop the habit of making life stop because I could have done better or done something different. Today I’m choosing to be proud of myself.

Today I choosing to make life happen. I encourage all of you to not let our “mistakes” or “failures” stand in the way of making life happen. Most of the time, those mistakes/failures aren’t really that at all and we turn things into something it’s really not.

I encourage everyone to dig deeper within, smile at every moment, and push past your comfort zone. These are things that will make life happen, for me at least. Just find your spark and don’t let situations kill that spark. Be the person that lives for those “yes, I did it” moments instead of “I could have done this better.”

Make life happen and be proud of it!