Global running day confession

Happy Global Running Day! It’s the day where the entire world celebrates running and goes for a run. It’s been a long day and that is why this post is late. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get any miles in today but I made it work. I got those miles in late, so now I’m wired and not sleepy at all. That’s no good because I have to get up early to teach my class. Y’all know that I love running and I could share the reasons why I love running with you but you’ve… View Post

Tips for new runners

It’s about time for me to get back on my blogging game and provide some useful information. Right now I’m about to start my marathon training for Chicago so running is on my mind. Plus, I feel like I’m starting all over again so this is the time for me to share tips for new runners since I feel like a new runner…again. 1. Build your base. It’s easy to get super jazzed about running. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You have to put all of those things aside and just build your base… View Post

Race Recap: Run Houston! Minute Maid Park

Yesterday I ran the Run Houston Minute Maid Park 10K in Houston. This was a race I was planning to do but didn’t sign up for until this week.  I’m being cautious about all of this stuff, but these races are a good excuse to throw myself into mileage.  I will use time as an excuse not to run longer so the races for me to make it until the end.  This race was the second in the race series.  I’ve never run any of these races but I’ll get to that later. I woke up early to squeeze into… View Post

Rock n Roll Dallas Weekend Recap

This past weekend I ran some races, faced some fears and regained a few parts of myself in the process. This weekend was my first big challenge since having Baby G three months ago. It was a good weekend for me and I’m nothing but positive with moving forward. A few weeks back, I found out I was accepted as a Rock n Roll race series ambassador through the Rock n Blog program.  This is something I have been chasing for awhile (3 years) and it finally arrived on my doorstep when I had really given up hope.  I just… View Post

Five Things Friday: finally blogging edition

I feel like I’m sneaking to blog.  It’s in the wee hours of the morning but I need to get this in.  Last week I made the mistake of blogging about nonsense and then the baby woke up so I didn’t get to finish the post.  It’s sad, but I’m already wasting time.  Let’s get with it: Running.  I’m starting to get back into it.  I’ve gone back to it and things are so much better. Granted, I’m a wee bit slower (like almost 4 minutes a mile slower) than what I use to be, but I’ll get back there.… View Post