Time to change up the habits

It’s time for this mama to change up the habits. I’ve basically been training for a marathon since last August, and now I just need a break. I have been on a training schedule for so long, which has made it difficult to do anything else in life.

It’s time to change up the habits.

I just want to workout to just workout and not be an on schedule. I don’t want to need to worry about getting things done early on a Friday night because I have a four-hour long run Saturday morning. I don’t want to worry about anything running related for a bit.

This morning I got up to run.  Getting out of the house is usually the hardest part of working out, right?  I had the opposite problem because I got out of the house just fine.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around running. I ended up running 2.5 miles of my 3.5-mile run, but it wasn’t easy, nor was it “fun.” It’s time for me to try some different workouts and get stronger.

What’s next for me? I have some short term goals of maintaining a regular workout routine, build some strength, and just enjoy some time not running all the hours of the weekend. I’m still going to run, but I will work on become being a stronger runner for the fall.

There are other things I’m interested in working on too. Here are some things I’m ready to change up for the summer.

Change up the habits

1. My wardrobe. I’m a repeat offender of wearing the same clothes from three years ago. I haven’t purchased new outfits, and when I have bought stuff, it’s been a lot of the same thing. I learned after my Mom2Summit experience, I should update my wardrobe. I like what I like, but that doesn’t mean I need to be dull and tired. This is something I have pushed to the back burner.

2. Organize my house. This will probably be a feature of my YouTube channel, but my house is a mess. I’m a firm believer in you can’t organize your life if your home isn’t in order. I need to take the extra time and get things in order so I can live my best life.

This situation is beyond serious. My laundry room, pantry, and closet are out of control, and it’s hard to find anything. It’ s just time to shift priorities and get things back on track.

3. Cook from cookbooks. I love cookbooks but I never really cook from them. I’m a lazy cooker. I just throw stuff together and call it dinner. I’m not saying I want to cook a put together meal every night, but I want to try to cook something once a week from a cookbook.

4. Spend more time outside. I love being outside. I want to spend more time fishing, beaching, and riding bikes. I want to get a good dose of sun and fun. There’s not much to say about this; it’s simple.

Now is the time to make things happen. These are just a few things I’m looking to change for the next few months. I’m speaking these things into so I can make some positive changes in life. Healthy living is much more than just eating right and working out. It’s a state of mind and a being in a state of growth. Well, that is what it means to me.

What things do you need to change up in your life?