Cookbooks make great gifts

The holiday season is here and I know you’re thinking about gifts for your family and friends.  I’m here to tell you that cookbooks make great gifts.  Buy someone a cookbook because it’s not something people will normally buy for themselves.  People do buy cookbooks but there are lots of really great cookbooks out there and we can’t buy them all.

Ok, maybe it’s just me that goes to the bookstore on my free time to look at the cookbooks and leaves with nothing. I believe cookbooks are the gifts that keep on giving.

Everyone needs a cookbook for meal ideas or for a change in their routine.  I’m always searching the internet for recipes, but I always start with my cookbook.

True Roots by Kristin Cavallari.  You may remember Kristin from Laguna Beach but she’s come a long way from then.  She’s found her roots in healthy living and is a successful mom boss.  Her cookbook includes recipes that are gluten and dairy free.  The thing I loved the most is the recipes are free of refined sugar.  As a mom, I want to cook healthy meals for the entire family and these are those type of recipes.  

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. It’s a cookbook for runners but the food is really good.  This healthy eating cookbook isn’t bland food.  It’s the completely opposite and the recipes aren’t complex.  Most people are turned off by recipes with a lot of steps but this isn’t that kind of book.  All meals are covered in this one book and these are filling meals.  Don’t be distracted because it’s a cookbook for “runners” because it’s a healthy cookbook for everyone.

Nom Nom Paleo. I’m not paleo but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I first picked up this book and was impressed with just the physical quality of the book.  It’s beautiful and it’s got a user-friendly comic book style to book.  I immediately put the book back on the self because most of the recipes involved using a pressure cooker (aka Instant Pot) and I said I would never get one.  Now I have a pressure cooker and I’m dying to get my hands on this book.  There are a couple of books to choose from which makes me excited.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with these cookbooks.

The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001 – 2019 I remember the first time I ever picked up an America’s Test Kitchen book , I was so impressed with the quality of the book. This is a great cookbook for the beginner because there are basic recipes to help someone get into cooking. But there are more advanced recipes for the home cook who is trying to get to the next level. This isn’t a healthy cookbook but it provides you with the basics of cooking like how to break down a chicken or how to cut an artichoke.

Those are a few cookbooks I recommend for some great gifts.  What is your favorite cookbook?