Friday File: Mother’s Day, Bosch, guilty pleasures, and what I ate

Happy Friday! We’ve made it through the week, and now it’s time for the Friday File. This is my time to run down everything that happened over the week. Honestly, I haven’t made it around to doing a weekly Friday File, but I’m working on it.

This week has been a rebuilding week for me. I’m a bit lost without a rigid running schedule and no goals in sight. I have more time to work on building content for this blog, which a massive focus for me the past month.

Mother’s Day 2019
I spent Mother’s Day celebrating and eating way too much food. I’m not sure why Mother’s Day turned into a feast this year, but there were many celebrations for the mamas this year. Tiny Tot and I did get matching shoes which I loved. That was the best Mother’s Day present EVER!

I made a video about what I eat in the day. Things got messed up because I completely missed lunch, and I was sick at the end of the day. I tried to make it work, and it gives you an idea of a hectic day in my life. I hope to provide a video like this another try in the future on a more “normal” day. I’ll do a full review at a later time.

I’ve been craving veggie burgers lately. Maybe, I’ve just been craving burgers, but I just needed something different. I decided to drop the big bucks on Dr. Praeger’s for the first time, and I enjoyed them. I have a whole freezer filled with these, but I’ve only tried the quinoa black bean burger and the kale burger. I like them both. I highly recommend it.

Have you watched Bosch on Amazon? If you haven’t, it’s time that you put your Amazon Prime membership to use and watch the show. I just finished the latest season of the show, and it doesn’t disappoint. I binged the show last year and couldn’t wait for it to return. Everyone needs to have a little downtime, so why not fill it with Bosch?

This week has been just a normal week with nothing special.  It was nice to get back into a routine.  This morning at the gym and I actually listened to music.  I’m used to running WITHOUT music but I do a workout with music.  I stumbled on this wonderful playlist! Guilty pleasures fueled me through my 5 am.

What has got your attention this week? Maybe I’ll be interested in it next week.