Race recap: Rock n Roll San Antonio 5k

It’s so sad the weekend has come and gone because the last Rock n Roll Marathon series race is over.  It’s kind of hard for me to handle right now.  I’ve had a wonderful year representing Rock n Roll and Team Chocolate Milk.  I had a slow start to the year, but I’m glad about the way it finished.

This weekend I traveled to San Antonio to run the last race of the series.  I had high hopes of being able to run the marathon in this race, but things didn’t work out the way I planned.  I don’t plan on running any marathons until I can run a 2:30 half marathon.  I was ready to tackle the remix challenge of two races in two days.  I had the option to run the 5K or the 10K.  There was a part of me that wanted to run the 10K but I knew I needed to be ready for my half marathon the next day.


The expo for the race was bigger than most of the RnRs I’ve done this year, but not as big as RnR Las Vegas.  There were some things to look at and there was a Brooks photo booth which I thought was super cool.  We picked up our packets and went on our way.

There was no staying downtown because I don’t think it’s very kid-in-stroller friendly.  San Antonio has the Riverwalk which is great but I don’t need to bring a stroller down there or my freshly walking 11 month old near the water.  The hotel was at the airport and it only took us 10 minutes to drive to our destinations downtown and it was way less than staying down there and way cheaper to park.

I’ve never done the remix in San Antonio before so this was a new experience for me. I can’t compare the experience to any other one for that reason.  I did like that the race started not at the Alamodome because it’s a mile away from most of the downtown hotels.  The race started at Sunset Station and finished in front of the Alamo.


There were a lot of people running this race.  It was a mix of 5K and 10K.  It was a warm morning but nothing too hot.  It was comfortable.  I was the last person to cross the start line because I didn’t want to get in the way with my stroller.  That quickly turned into me doing some stroller dodging the entire race.  Luckily, I stayed with some other moms with strollers.  We all thought that if we stayed together, for the most part, people would move out of the way?  Or maybe people would be scared for their ankles?  In this instance, it was just nice to know that someone else understood the running and stroller thing.  It was a great encouragement for all of us.

The course was nice, but the real gem was the final stretch running down Houston St and turning the corner at the Alamo.  It was kind of cool…and Houston Street is my most favorite street in San Antonio.  It’s got a nice old school feel to it with the Majestic Theatre, the old Walgreens signs, the architecture and the brick streets.


I felt good running.  It takes me a mile to loosen up my hip so after that, I’m all good.  I’ve been running pretty good lately and it was nice to be able to feel that good when running again.  I’m still eight minutes off my normal time, but I’m getting there and I did that with a stroller.  I finished the race in just under 38 minutes. And this officially made it Baby G’s 4th city for her to rock this year.  She’s having an amazing year!


After the race, I went to meet up with the We Run Social gang and just have a good time. I got to hang out with some old friends and make some new ones. It’s always fun to get together with my friends because we talk often on social media but don’t get to see each other that often.  Maybe that’s why it’s sad to see the Rock n Roll series end of the year.  There is always another race to count on seeing familiar faces but a new year is right around the corner.

The rest of the day was just filled with random things because I wanted to get ready for the half marathon the next day.  That recap will be followed soon.