Motivation Monday: Know your worth

I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged.  I know it’s been a minute since I sent some motivation your way.  It’s been rough.  I haven’t felt very motivational lately.  I’ve felt like I’ve been the one who needed to be motivated.  I didn’t really know if I should be the one providing you with motivation when I was looking for it myself.  My My postpartum journey has been a process.  There are days I think I have it completely together and then other days when I feel like it’s like poop on the floor. It’s just life, I… View Post

Define your success

Winning isn’t everything and being the best isn’t all that.  Keep that in mind as you go through life.  It’s great to come in on top and it’s great to highly successful but that isn’t going to happen every time you do try something. It’s ok not to be the best at something.  It’s acceptable to try something and not get it the first time.  It’s not acceptable to give up after trying something that didn’t go the way you thought it would go the first time around. The thing to remember is there is more than one way to… View Post

Motivation from within

I’m still stuck on a motivation kick. Maybe because I’m kicking it into high gear because I lacked motivation for the summer. Guess what? Summer is over and it’s time to move on. I don’t want people to go through the serious rutt I was in that essentially ended up wasting my time. It’s not Monday, but I still have a message to motivate. Here’s the video: There are a few things I really want you to take away from the video: 1. Motivation should come from within. Yes, when I’m in a certain setting, I push and motivate people… View Post

Always be better than the day before

I’ve been trying to post for the past two days but I did something funky with the site. It took me all this time to figure out what I did wrong. Easy fix but many hours to figure it out. BUT I figured it out and I’m back to blogging. I wanted to talk about motivation for my life lately. Being better than who I was yesterday IS a HUGE thing for me. I tell everyone in my cycle classes in the morning to just be better than they were yesterday. It’s something I always say but maybe I don’t… View Post

Define your happy.

Happiness is relative. What makes me happy will definitely may not make you happy. What makes me happy at a certain period in time will change from day to day. If I’m longing to be outside on a beautiful and I finally get there that will definitely make me happy, but that may not make me happy everyday. It’s all about a circumstance, a moment, a smile, a joke, a song…etc. Happiness comes with it’s ebbs and flows. The one thing I do know is EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY! What is happy? Here is the official definition of happy.… View Post