So we’re having a…

Blogging has taken a back seat in my life because I just haven’t been feeling well. My planning day for the blog was spent resting. It just hasn’t been a 100% week for me. I hope y’all can understand.


Baby is fine and growing well. I know everyone wants to know the baby’s gender: it’s a girl! There were some problems with the rafflecopter so I’m going to have to pick a winner the old fashioned way.

I’m feeling a lot better today so hopefully this trend will continue. I’ve still been doing my workouts but a person can only take so many pictures of me on the treadmill. My workouts have consisted of walking on the treadmill or indoor cycling. I’ve tried some other workouts but it’s been kind of a painful experience. My main goal is to stay active for at least 40 minutes a day. That’s why my workouts have seemed a little bland during pregnancy. I’m not going to do too much, I’m just trying to stay active.

How has your week gone? What workouts have you been doing?