Friday Five: Running, baby and everything else

Hey everyone! It’s been a long week and I’ve spent most of it working, eating or sleeping. I’ve become the most uninteresting person in the world. I had big plans for the blog this week and I missed my Thursday blogging. I’m trying to get at least 3 days a week on the blog so I’ll be making up for that right now.


The sleeping has been so bad this week that I put an air mattress to sleep on at work during my break.

I haven’t done a Friday Five in a long time and I should probably get back to that so here we go.


1. Yesterday I signed up for the Chicago Marathon next year. Call me crazy but I’m going to need to get back on the wagon and this is a perfect goal for me to work toward. I’ll be running for Action for Healthy Kids again because you know it means so much to me. I may only be able to run one marathon next year and I think this event is far enough out for me to get the ball rolling again. I don’t plan on running again until late March or April. That will give me enough time to build a base before training for the marathon.


2. Did you read my post about workout modifications? Well, I use to work out 6 days a week. I was able to keep that up pretty good at the start of pregnancy and then that day dropped to 5 days. Now it’s dropping to 4 days. I’m just too tired to workout now and I need to listen to my body. This morning I walked on the treadmill and it was oh so hard. Willie came over to ask me if I was ok.


3. Tuesday I had a doctors appointment and I received 2 shots: TDAP and a flu shot. There was much debate on whether I could have the flu shot this year but my tests have been really good so my doctor gave me the go. I knew I was going to have a sore arm but I didn’t know that it was going to be this horrible. I couldn’t move my arm at all yesterday which interfered with my sleep. I can only sleep on one side which happens to be my left side and it’s been harder than normal. I refuse to take Tylenol due to a shot so I’m toughing it out. It’s getting better. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


4. I haven’t been too hungry lately. I thought when you were pregnant you were supposed to want to eat all the food. Not really the case. It’s all lies. I have been craving chicken tenders and mashed potatoes hard this week though. I’ve indulged but the craving hasn’t quite been met. Anyway, I found these great packs at the grocery store which are $2 each which is a little pricey but it’s already put together and convenient. This week I got two different packs: apples, caramel, pretzels and apples, cheese, pretzels. I’ve learned this week I’m not a fan of the Granny Smith apple because it’s too sour so I’m going to go with the apples, cheese, pretzel pack from now on.


And I’ve been a smoothie kick lately too. I probably  need to look up some smoothie recipes because mine are a little blah.  This concoction was pretty good with cherries, sweet potatoes, banana and apples.  I didn’t hate it.

Stress filled day but we are blessed. I'm growing a strong healthy baby and that's all that matters. Plus, I like making Master take photos with me and he hates it. The baby book will be filled with these pictures. #30weekspregnant #pregnancy #pregnant #p

5. Today I’m 31 weeks. We are really in the home stretch. I’m not as far along with the baby nursery as I would like and we haven’t purchased everything.  BUT we’re in a good spot and that’s all I can ask for.  I might be so kind to share some pictures later.

What are five things from this week that you would like to share? Do you have any smoothie recipes to share with me?