Carbs are IMPORTANT in my life

More people have been asking about the food I’ve been making because I haven’t been sharing that in the recent months.  I haven’t been sharing because I am a creature of habit.  If I like something one week, I’ll make it again for the next week.  Sometimes if it’s easy and simple, I keep eating the same thing over and over for convience.  Basically, I’ve just felt a little boring with my food choices lately.


I’ve turned chicken breast and chicken thighs, all boneless and skinless, into this:

It’s a quick an easy meal. Sautee up some onions and bell peppers and it’s a party! I really enjoyed this meal that we ate two weeks in a row. It was VERY good.


This past weekend I tried one of the low carb options of the Healthy Choice steamers. Confession, I was going to eat the low carb selection because it was only 190 calories which made calorie space for a Lean Cuisine Deep Dish pizza. In the end, I was full on the low carb meal and skipped the pizza. I added extra brocolli to the meal and it was good. I’m kind of skeptical of the low carb thing because I’ve never really given up carbs AND I STILL MANAGED TO LOSE WEIGHT! Can you believe it?


I’m like Oprah in that way. I love bread…a lot!


We’ve been going low carb with our lunches and I have been dead this week. I went to work out on Monday and I almost passed out. I was too busy trying to devour the food that I forgot to take a picture. Sorry for now picture of the lunch this week. But we ran out of that stuff because it was leftovers from last week, so this morning I woke up to make us a new lunch. At 5AM I was making red beans and turkey sausage…and brown rice. The carb is important.

I’ve quickly learned, the low carb life is not for me.  It works for some people though but I really can’t handle it.  I am trying to stay away from the refined carbs though: crackers, pretzels, chips and things like that. I must report that I purchased a family size bag of pretzels last week and I portioned them out but I haven’t been going overboard with the pretzels.  I may steal 2 out of the bag a day, 4 if I’m being bad. Carbs are important in my life and I don’t know why.  I love them so hard.

Have you been eating anything good this week?