Let’s kick tragedy in the face

We are runners!  I am proud to say this and I’m even more proud that I can say WE are runners!  The blog has been left silent for a couple of days because we have been busy doing some amazing things.  Now is not the time to talk about those things, because of the horrible things that happened in Boston yesterday.  It breaks our hearts to know people were out there doing something they trained and worked so hard for and someone took their lives…and their family’s lives. It’s hard to grasp!


The running community is strong and we all share a bond that most people don’t get!  We wave, we speak, we cheer on, we inspire, we motivate our friends but also the people we don’t know.  Our conversations mostly include race stories, running events or just things that happen out on the road and we all listen thinking the same thing…we love to run!  Yesterday, something horrible happened and it shouldn’t have.  Has anyone ever thought about this happening when you lined up in your corral at a race?  I know I never did.  We start races with the end in mind and it’s never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t make it to the end.  It’s a sad thing to think about.

Whoever did this will soon learn that RUNNERS are strong, the people who SUPPORT us are even stronger and every life is precious!  Today we run for those who couldn’t finish!  WE ARE ONE!

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Get together with some friends today and run in memorial to all those who can’t…let’s run for Boston! We will resume blogging soon, but for right now let’s remember the Boston Marathon 2013!