Hiding unhealthy choices and back on meal prep

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on the move.  It’s been a BUSY few weeks and I haven’t really been home to meal prep.  There was a week that I prepped for two weeks but that only happened one.  I’ve been traveling and missing the grocery store trips.  Everything hasn’t been tip top shape.  And I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t been eating the best food either.


A couple of weeks ago Willie and I slammed a whole pizza and enjoyed it…but I think my pizza need may have been met that day. The picture above is not the pizza we slammed the other day; it was much bigger than this. (I’m just trying to be honest.) I can’t hide the truth anymore because I haven’t really been open about my unhealthy choices lately. I know it’s all about living that 80/20 rule but maybe I should share more with you about that 20 and just keep it real.  It is about moderation and that’s just something I need to remember and hopefully I’ll be able to remind you of that too.


My alcohol consumption has also increased. I guess it’s kind of a big deal to me because I completely cut out the alcohol so it just seems like I’m drinking more. I went from none to 1-2 drinks a week.

Yesterday I blogged about the great thing about Mondays and said I was going to start fresh and do some meal prep this week. Yes we were traveling but I made the time to go to grocery store and cook all the meals for the week.

Did you read my blog post today about the great thing about Mondays? If you did you know my deal was to #mealprep completely this week. Guess what I did today? It's done and it feels so good. It was a great #mondaymotivation. How did #monday #motivate you

We are having baked cod with a teryaki glaze with wild rice and green beans & carrots (peas & corn for Willie) for lunch.  For dinner, we are having turkey burgers with the same teryaki glaze in salad.  Breakfast is eggs and oatmeal, that will never change.  I also got some grapes and strawberries for snacks along with our usual haul of greek yogurt and apples.  It really didn’t take that long and it’s such a relief to have all the meals ready to go.  It’s amazing how quickly you forget how amazing it feels to have everything together.

This morning we put the "e" in epic during my class this morning! It's really great to have people sweating hard at 5am; it's an amazing thing. How are you going to be epic today? #fitfluential #fitfam #fitspo #ffcheckin #webeatfat #weightlossjourney #die

And I haven’t been posting much about my workouts but I want you to know I’m still on it.  I’m still teaching my cycle classes and of course I’ve been running.  I’m on a tiny break from running because I’ve been going hard lately and I think I have developed a little bit of ITBS. I’ve felt it coming on the past few weeks but I was trying to power through for my marathons.  Now it’s time to take a tiny break and rehab and just work on some overall strength and stretching.

Did you meal prep this week? What did you cook up?