Why meal prep hasn’t been a priority

The month of October has flown by and you may have noticed something was missing from blog.  There has been a noticable absence of meal prepping or cooking going on in my life.  I just wasn’t home long enough to get make it priority.  I spent half the month packing for trips, running and in airports.  The meals I made were quick and easy and didn’t require much prep.


Sadly, most of those meals came from the freezer or out of a can.  It was just what worked for me during this time.  The time between trips would sometimes just be three days and that’s not enough time to continue working, going to the grocery store and prepping food. I will not tell you I’ve been completely ok with this because I haven’t. I feel like I’ve been thrown off my game a little bit.

This week was the first week that we were able to meal prep and it felt so good to be able to do it again.  I wasn’t away from meal prepping for a long time but it kind of makes it hard to get back into the swing of things.  My ideas for meals have grown stale and there hasn’t been a lot of variety.  The lack of variety has come from just being too busy to plan the meals out.  I would just go with something that was easy to cook, prep and portion.

I never claimed to be a cook.  I wish I had time to cook elaborate meals.  But I am the girl who spends all that time cooking and by the time it’s done, I don’t want to eat it.  Maybe that’s a completely normal thing.  That’s why I brand myself at being the quick-eats girl.

I will be working on a guide of quick meals for meal prep that would last all week.  I don’t have much experience planning for a family because there are only two people I need to meal prep for throughout the week.  I will give it a go to give a sample plan soon.

So what are we having this week:

Breakfast: egg muffins and oatmeal.  (I seriously need some new ideas for breakfast.  We’ve been eating the same thing every morning for almost 5 years.  This might be time for a change up.)

I haven't meal prepped in 3 weeks since I've been traveling so much. This is happening now. It's a #carbloading week! #fitfluential #mealprep #mealprepping #sundaysetup #healthyeating

Lunch: Ground turkey “fried” rice.  Quick and easy and very filling.  I’m also on a carb load this week and I thought I would start with some brown rice and some good veggies.

Dinner:  Roasted chicken salad with potatoes.  <– Again with the carb load!

It’s been good to be back on track with some meal prepping and it should be good for most of November.  I just have a few short trips to worry about but I am going to try to make stuff to freeze so it’s not that big of deal.  The meal prep failure was really my fault because I didn’t plan accordingly.

Do you meal prep every week?  What are some of your favorite meal prep dishes?