Why meal prep hasn’t been a priority

The month of October has flown by and you may have noticed something was missing from blog.  There has been a noticable absence of meal prepping or cooking going on in my life.  I just wasn’t home long enough to get make it priority.  I spent half the month packing for trips, running and in airports.  The meals I made were quick and easy and didn’t require much prep. Sadly, most of those meals came from the freezer or out of a can.  It was just what worked for me during this time.  The time between trips would sometimes just… View Post

How important is a routine?

Do you have a routine? And how important is that routine to you? I’ve been pondering the thought of my daily routine because I’m still trying to fight getting back into my old routine. There are several good things about routines like knowing exactly what what you’re going to do every day. But routines can lead to life being bland or too boring. I like knowing that on certain days, I’m going to do a certain workout. I like not having to worry about changing that structure. I sometimes like knowing on certain nights we are going to eat certain… View Post