Five Things: Success, support, compromise and love

It’s late but I do have to apologize for not being very present on the blog lately. ¬†Things got busy and this not boing my full time job this is something that kind of gets pushed to the back.

Today I’m talking about just some general things about improving relationships, achieving your goals and things like that. ¬†Things got a little serious the other day for some reason but I wanted to share some of those things with you guys.

Here is my list of my five things to keep in mind as we go through life:


1. Organization is the key to success. When you have things together and planned things will go smoother. I have a planner and I write everything down. I write down when bills need to be paid, appointments, to-do lists and whatever other information I must not forget. I learned that when I just relied on my mind to remember to do things, I just forgot. Things got a lot easier and more manageable when I got my planner and started extensive organization

2. Getting outside everyday will open up your sense and open up your mind. I spend a lot of time indoors during my workout day so I’m always ready to get outside to just get some fresh air. Little things make a big difference and sometimes just breathing in fresh air will make a big difference.

Pano balloon festival 2015

3. Tell the people you truly care about that you love them and tell them often. This is pretty much self-explainatory but I’ll comment even more. Just don’t miss an opportunity to tell people that you care for them. It could make a difference in someone’s life. Also, you never want to miss out on a chance to share your love because we aren’t promised a tomorrow. Never leave people wondering how you feel about them. Share your love and share it often.

4. Compromise makes a relationship grow and change. Compromise doesn’t mean giving up or giving it. It’s just people sacrificing a little bit of their self and/or pride to better a relationship. From time to time, you might have to do something you might not want to do or go somewhere you don’t want to go to make someone else happy. You don’t have to compromise all the time to make a difference. It should be a mutual thing that works both ways.

5. Support each other. There seems to be a lot of bringing people down. We should lift people up and not tear them down. If you feel the need to tear someone down to build yourself up, then there is a problem. You may not be focusing on the right things and you could be wasting time worrying about something that doesn’t really have anything to do with you. Always aim to be the positive force and help others who may need help.