Motivation: If you don’t succeed, try again

Happy Monday everyone!  It’s time for a little Monday Motivation for you about trying.  I just want to let you know it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to do less than your best.  It’s not ok to let those missteps keep you from moving forward. If you don’t succeed, try again!

Yesterday I ran the @austinmarathon which was a race that I bailed on last year at the halfway mark. I couldn't make the #marathon route and split off with the half. This year, I sailed right passed that point and took the marathon route. I knew at that p

Let’s all make the committment to live life and that includes trying…and possibly failing. Sometimes there is a need to take chances and step out of the comfort zone. For many years, I would stayed stagnant by not attempting anything new. I was afraid of failing so I really only did the things I knew I was capable of doing well. You know what’s wrong with that? There was no challenge.

When I tried new things, I challenged myself which promoted PERSONAL growth. I beging to realize that not all things don’t always come easy but that doesn’t mean those things don’t come. Hard work and determination helped me succeed in things I was afraid to try. The great thing about trying new things is the process of learning how to overcome obstacle.

Just because success doesn’t come the first time around, doesn’t mean it won’t appear down the line. But to get to that point, one must keep trying and not let the setbacks to them to stepbacks.


Yesterday I ran the Austin Marathon and finished.  Last year, I attempted to run this marathon and bailed out at the half way mark because I didn’t think I could finish the race.  I failed at meeting my goal, but yesterday I tried again and finished.  I could have easily said that isn’t the race for me and taken a different route (because there were many other races yesterday) but I went for the challenge and tried again.  I couldn’t be more proud of myself this morning!

I really hope this helps you start your week off right and moves you in a positive direction.

Do you have any Monday Motivation for me?

Five Things: Success, support, compromise and love

Five Things: Success, support, compromise and love

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Christmas came a little early this year

Christmas came a little early this year

This weekend I went to visit my bestie in Mississippi!  It was her son’s birthday so she had to put on a good show.  But first I had to get my run in. I love running there.  I must tell you, that is where I really fell in love with running.  That was the first city I ever ran in outside of Beaumont.  I was at peace there, running on the beach and just take it in.  It’s also the place where I tripped over a huge road sign while running in the early morning hours too, but that’s not… View Post