Why is loose skin such a big issue?

I’ve talked about loose skin many many (did I say many?) time before. Everyone seems to be really concern about loose skin. I have a question for you: why is loose skin such a big issue?

Since I was asked about it again, I decided to make a video about it so you can actually see me talking about it. The video is short and I hope it answers your question. I also wrote a blog post on it maybe last year or the year before.

I’m still baffled with this actually being an issue. I do not mock and I don’t criticize those who do wonder about the issue. I am seeking to understand why people are focused/concerned about having loose skin?


I know I was overweight. I did that to myself. No one forced me to eat badly and not be active. It happened over a period of time and I choose not to care about the last effects. I ignored it and whet on with my life. Losing the weight was a great thing and loose skin was just a consequence of it all.

Some have written me terrified of losing the weight because of ending up with loose skin. Where I don’t completely understand why or how I would let that stand in my way to better health and lifestyle, I do always tell people there is something you can do about that. There is a surgery for that. Yes, it’s expensive but maybe it’s just a small price to pay for something that crosses your mind so much.

Loose skin sometimes is a sensitive topic and I know my thoughts on it are different than others so I’ll leave it there. But I still would like to know….

Why are people worried about having loose skin?

Loose skin is suddenly back in the topic …

Loose skin is suddenly back in the topic column

You may have seen the Muscle and Fitness article about the effects of extreme weight loss on skin.  John David Glaude stripped down to show you what’s it like.  The only thing I could think about when I saw it was, “he’s pretty brave.” His message is correct! He said he’s comfortable clothed but not so much unclothed so that is why he decided to do the video. This is the most relateable thing I’ve seen on the internet about weight loss. The fear of the loose skin with weight loss is real. I have people writing me all the…

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The state of the union: recovery, weight loss …

The state of the union: recovery, weight loss and loose skin

There’s only one thing that you need to know: I’m tired! I feel like I finally hit the limit of doing too much and not getting enough rest.  Yesterday, “Dr. Dawn” told me to take a break and she’s right. Recovery is important but it’s not something I’m good at.  I like to be moving and doing something.  When I’m not moving, I don’t feel like myself. There’s probably some psychological thing I’ve also programmed in my mind about not being active too that comes into to play but that’s buried in the back ends of my mind. All I…

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Taper makes me think

Taper makes me think

Today I was on the phone with a friend and they asked, “What’s the good word?” The good word is taper.  For all those who don’t know, taper happens close to a race where you scale back your mileage so you can rest up and recover for the race.  Taper is a good and bad thing.  It’s good because I won’t be running mega miles on the weekend but it bad because I’m not focused on running the mega mileage on the weekend.  It leaves room to think about other things. The thing that’s been on my mind lately is…

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