Loose skin is suddenly back in the topic column

You may have seen the Muscle and Fitness article about the effects of extreme weight loss on skin.  John David Glaude stripped down to show you what’s it like.  The only thing I could think about when I saw it was, “he’s pretty brave.”

His message is correct! He said he’s comfortable clothed but not so much unclothed so that is why he decided to do the video. This is the most relateable thing I’ve seen on the internet about weight loss.

The fear of the loose skin with weight loss is real. I have people writing me all the time saying the same thing about being afraid of losing weight due to excess skin. I don’t fear the loose skin, I’ve always called it my battle scar. It’s a symbol of my journey and the torturing of my body way back when. But I don’t understand people not wanting to lose weight because of the loose skin. I can’t understand that one bit.

The loose skin isn’t so much an insecurity but I can’t say I’m all that comfortable with it. Maybe because it’s not something I really think about until someone asks me about it. Loose skin is just an afterthought and it’s cosmetic. It doesn’t interfere with me living my best life right now and it definitely shouldn’t hamper anyone for achieving their weight loss goals.

Sometimes it gets in the way but I find ways around that. Compression workout gear is AMAZING! Everyone should invest in compression gear. I am a true believer you can tighten up the skin with exercise. I’ve always said that and I will continue to say that. I know that it’s not all going to be right and tight the way it’s supposed to be though. I just do the best that I can.

Six years ago:

But the loose skin will always be there:

But that hasn’t stopped me from running 9 marathons this year. It hasn’t stopped me from being a group fitness instructor. It hasn’t stopped me from wanting to pursue bigger and better things. It won’t stop me from being an Ironman soon. It’s given me the strength and the power to believe and achieve because I know I’ve overcome something so much greater!