Race Recap: Habanero Hundred 50K

I spent the past weekend running through the woods with some totally amazing people.


Here’s my video:

We did the Habanero Hundred ultra that started at noon.  It was a fun fun time. It’s really about the people that make an event so special.  I do spend a lot of time racing by myself and I always forget how great it is just to be around friends.  (Yep, that’s right.  I said it.) I really needed this to get back on track. Our group had 3 relay teams and 4 people doing the individual events. G0020277

If you’re from Texas, you know when you see a Bucee’s you always stop.

I ran the 50K with Jeremy and it really just made it better. The trail was runnable, it was mostly single track but the heat was at full power. It was kind of funny because it was really nice weather until the race actually started and it turned hot very quickly. After the first loop I had to ditch my pack for a while because it was so hot. I switched to my handheld bottle and I had to ditch my Go Pro because it was just too much to concentrate on. (I kind of regret that decision right now.)


It was a looped course with two aid stations; one at the beginning and one half way through. That was a really great thing because you were never alone on the course and it was always nice to return home. Willie played support for the race and it was just really great to have him there. I know he had a great time talking and helping everyone. It helped me a lot to see his smiling face every loop. I’ve learned how important that is for me.

The volunteers were amazing. The people were amazing. Everything was amazing about this race, except the heat and the nighttime humidity.


(Photo courtesy: Goku Runner)

I never had a bad time. It wasn’t the prettiest course. It wasn’t the best conditions but I kept a smile on my face and I kept moving. It was about making it to end and doing what I needed to make that happened. I talked, I laughed, I cracked jokes and I bonded over miles with Jeremy. That was probably the BEST thing to come out of this experience for me. So I really thank him for that. I really wasn’t too found of having to go out into the trail at night because it’s kind of creepy hearing the wild life out in the brush but I kept my eyes forward (and down) and pushed through. We even picked up someone along the way who wanted to quit. The race director wasn’t having it and we all marched the final 3.5 miles together in the dark. When it got later in the day, I was craving real food. Thank goodness the add stations had quesadillas and soup and mashed potatoes and ramen and peanut butter and jelly…I know it sounds like a real cluster of food but it’s what I needed to make it through. Also, it was great to see the running group in our purple shirts on the trail. It really really makes a difference when someone is patting you on the back and being there. In fact, it doesn’t get any better than that. The little things do make a big difference. Untitled

We finished the 50K at 11:45 pm. It was a long day, but we did!

I aim for transparency here on my little space on the internet. Finishing this race with a good attitude was a big accomplishment for me. I have been seriously struggling. I have felt lost. I haven’t felt like myself but on Saturday…I was me. I pushed, I laughed, and I talked. I felt like Angela again and that’s all that matters. I feel like I’m moving forward again and seeing the possibilities of greatness that is to come. Things are looking better and brighter.

So once again, I’m contemplating the 50 miler in December…