Eggland’s Best Eggs: protein packed and great for summer

I’ve always stressed the importance of protein after a workout. I won’t let you forget that I love to have low fat chocolate milk after a long run because of the protein and carb replacement. But you also know my favorite post run meal involves eggs.

Slammed it! #breakfast #rnrdalI can never have too much omelet! It’s summer, it’s heating up and I’m putting a lot of stress on my body training for the Chicago Marathon in October.  My summer activities include spending a lot of time outside (playing with the dogs, hanging with my family and just enjoying nature) and working toward my fitness goal of running a great marathon. It takes work and maintenance to keep me in tip-top shape to keep me going day after day.

The protein from eggs gives my body the power to refuel, repair and refresh so I can get back to daily activities without any problems. My egg of choice is the Eggland’s Best Egg.  I really do love the hard cooked eggs because they are easy to grab and go after a workout if I’m in a hurry.  (BTW: those hard cooked eggs also make for some awesome deviled eggs.)

Because I usually do my workouts in the morning, I always sit down to a nice breakfast with my main protein source coming from Eggland’s Best Eggs which contain 13% of the daily protein I need.  And since going vegetarian, I am always on the lookout for a complete protein and I don’t have to look too far when it comes to eggs.

Egglands best

It also doesn’t hurt that each large egg is 60 calories and Eggland’s Best eggs, compared to other eggs, provide more than double the Omega-3s. Compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland’s Best eggs will give you 10 times MORE vitamin E, 4 times MORE vitamin D, 3 times MORE vitamin B12! I am getting a huge nutritious bang for such a small calorie count, plus I’m getting the protein I need to continue on to my other summer activities.

Egglands best

I’ve talked about my recovery meals, but what is my go to picnic dish?  I’m always bringing the egg salad. It’s easy and it gives the vegetarians out there something to eat while people chow down on hamburgers and hot dogs.  It’s a versatile dish because it can go on bread for a sandwich OR it pairs well with crackers.  And it also goes well over a bed of lettuce for a salad!  There are many possibilities.

What is your favorite egg dish?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.