There’s always room for improvement

I haven’t been the best blogger lately and I’m going to make some changes. There’s always room for improvement, right? That’s why it important to write down your goals as that constant reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The past is the past. The past makes us the people we are now but doesn't need to dictate your future. The past two months I've been too focused on what I used to be and not the person I am now. Keep looking forward and moving in the right direction. Ther

I use to be so big on goal setting and meeting those goals. The one thing I was always told people was to set goals, write them down and check them off the list. I use to live by this and then I just stopped. I’ve slacked off. I’ve kind of stopped working toward something and just have been working…I’ve been moving sideways for too long. It’s time to start moving forward.

I’m still on my quest but that’s even taken a back seat to something. I actually told Willie a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t that into anymore. That really isn’t true, I just stopped looking at the big picture because I thought it was a burden to others…and not realistic. I lost sight of the reason why I wanted to go on the quest in the first place. I’m getting back to that.

The blog was something that was really big in my life. I wanted it to turn into something else and I was on the right track but then I got derailed. It’s time for me to get back to that point. It’s been an afterthought and it should be a main priority. It’s time to get back there. I’m going to do better with social media, better at blogging and better at just ben a presence around here.

After accomplishing something as big as big weight loss, it’s hard to find a goal that keeps me moving forward. Weight loss was trackable, the goals were set for me and it was easy for me to stay on track…even when it wasn’t. I knew the thing I was working toward because it was a number, a unit of measurement. It seems like now the goals aren’t quite that simple. Saying weight loss was simple kind of makes me feel a little funny because at the time I never thought it was simple at all during the the process. The hardest thing was staying focused on the end, not the dropping of the weight a long the way. Maybe it was a little simple.

I encourage all of you to keep moving forward. The past is the past for a reason. If we keep looking back to where we’ve been, then we can never look forward to the future. Keep setting goals that will keep you looking forward and constantly moving in a positive direction. Big or little, all goals are important to keep you focused and energized about the process. Most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate the small victories along the way!

Here are my goals for moving forward:

1. Be better about blogging about my ordinary life.
2. Try some new lunch meals.
3. Stay focused on my quest.
4. Get more active on social media.
5. Enjoy life.

What are some goals that you are willing to set right now?