Five Things Friday: “Healthy” foods to eat in moderation

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend.  I know it’s not exactly a holiday weekend but it’s still the weekend.  Doesn’t always seem like the days after a holiday are harder than usual? This week I wasn’t interested in being productive at all, but I pushed through.

Went out for a 5k this morning to test out the new @brooksrunning shoes I got yesterday. So far so good! What are your plans for the weekend? #runhappy #instarunners #instafit #cardio
This morning I got up to run!  I got some new shoes yesterday and I wanted to try them out.  I’ve been experiencing some pronating issues and I think right now, new shoes will have to solve the problem. But the shoes are nice and pretty and the run felt good.

My big plans for the weekend are working on some blog stuff, marathon training, checking out the trails at Buescher State Park and hanging out with some of my nearest and dearest friends. I’m looking forward to getting the weekend started. I wanted to remind everyone that I am taking questions about anything you want to ask me: fitness, weight loss, running, eating, etc.  If you have a question, please e-mail me at angela (at) webeatfat (dot) com or use the contact form to send a question.

Blog: 5 things Friday - healthy in moderation

It’s that time again where I share five things with you on this Friday. Today, I wanted to share with you five “healthy foods” to eat in moderation:

1. Trail mix:  Everyone thinks trail mix is healthy and for the most part it is a healthy snack.  It might be best to skip the mixes with M&Ms and chocolate chips or things like that.  But there are other mixes with dried fruits, granola and nuts.  Trail mix is definitely something that is easy to make on your own, but the calories can add up for a small serving.  Watch your serving size on this stuff and read the nutritional labels.

2. Extra virgin olive oils and coconut oil.  It seems like the coconut oil craze has calmed down a bit.  It’s been said that coconut oil is a good fat because it’s a plant-based saturated fat, which is also the same for olive oil.  These oils are good for your diet and add great sources of fat, but going overboard with this stuff can’t be that great…even if it’s a good fat.  One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil is 120 calories and 14 g of fat and 2 g of saturated fat. How often are you just using one tablespoon though?  You have to think about the little things like that when adding up your calories and fat.

Channeling @mistasykes and made some protein bread! #protein #snacks #pumpkin #fitfluential3. Protein powder based baked good.  This was a trend that started not too long ago also. I’ve made plenty of things with protein powder. I know Quest Nutrition has a protein powder just for baking. I’m all for this trend because I think it’s inventive and allows you to eat things in a healthier way.  But a cookie made with protein powder is still a cookie, it just got some better ingredients in it.  That doesn’t mean that’s an excuse to eat it all day, everyday.  But I guess, if it fits in your calories and you’re fine with it, it’s all good.  Quest has a whole cookbook filled with things made from their products.  This healthier food option doesn’t bother me as much but it should be eaten in moderation. It’s always ok to Cheat Clean.

4. Granola.  Fat and sugar are disguised in this healthy eat.  Granola will keep you full longer but the calories will add up along with those macros for a small serving size. People hear granola is made from whole grains and nuts and automatically think it’s tops but it’s easy to overeat.  A small topping is ok, but downing a bowl of granola with milk might cost you more than what you think.

No cake but I filled up my yogurt cup with #birthdaycake #froyo. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  #webeatfat #celebration

5. Frozen yogurt.  I enjoy a BIG cup of froyo.  It’s my thing.  Yes, it’s a healthier alternative to ice cream but it’s still processed and loaded with sugar.  Frozen yogurt comes in non-fat and low-fat varieties and is good for digestion along with containing enzymes to boost your immune system.  But it’s something you should enjoy in moderation because all froyo is not created equal.  Some froyo is high in fat, but there is sugar in all varieties.  This is hard one for me to talk about because I love it so much.  But learn what a serving size is and know what kind of froyo you’re filling your cup with before you indulge.  Most places have the suggested serving size and nutritional information available on the sign.

What are some other “healthy” foods to eat in moderation? Do you have any big plans for the weekend?