Race Recap: The Mercedes-Benz Marathon

I never do race recaps on the same day that I run.  Lucky for you I’m sitting in a hotel room by myself watching television.

Mercedes Marathon 2015

This weekend was Mercedes-Benz Marathon weekend in Birmingham, AL.  Yes that’s right, the quest continues and I get to check another state off my list.

Mercedes Marathon 2015

Yesterday I ran the Superhero 5K which was really fun. The energy was great and fun.  It was really windy and a little cold but nothing too major.  It was just a fun 5K to do and I got a cape to wear, but I didn’t because it was windy.  All I could picture was my cape slapping someone in the face.

Mercedes Marathon 2015

Last night I met up with some fellow Marathon Maniacs and friends…


To carb load for the race.

This morning I woke up feeling good and ready to run.  BIG difference than last week.  I promise you, it’s all a state of mind,  I was rested and ready to run.  Parking for this race was really easy.  I parked in a garage in front of the starting line.  It was great.

Mercedes Marathon 2015

I could decide if I should wear long sleeves and a raincoat because the weather forecast was a little funny. I’m glad that I didn’t change my mind and went with the original plan but that meant I needed to leave my Runningluv behind this time. It would have done me no good running in the rain.

I decided to line up with the 5 hour pacer because I knew this was a hilly race and I wanted to stay consistent.  The marathon course was a double loop so we ran the same route twice.  Not my favorite thing to do but what can you do about it? Staying with the pacer was the best decision.  I stayed with them for most of the race until the hills on the second loop became harder for me to run.  I felt good running this race.  I felt strong the entire time.

See this place is my home.  I was born here but it’s been hard for me to come back to Birmingham since my grandmother passed.  This place is special to me and it just constantly reminds me of my grandma and grandpa.  I felt like they were with me on the course today and it pushed me through.  This race was special to me.  I hope they were looking down on me as I ran the streets we spent many days wondering.  I hope they are proud of me.

Finished the #runmercedes #marathon in 5:03. Rainy and cold weather made this tough course that much harder! I'm proud of myself because this is the strongest marathon I've run! #noquitting #teamchocolatemilk #builtit #instarunner #marathonmaniacs

I finished the marathon in 5:03:14.  I call this a victory because this course was hilly.  It was brutal at some points but I still pushed through…and my mom was at the finish line.  That’s the first time she’s seen me complete a marathon.  That was pretty cool.

Mercedes Marathon 2015

Pros of the race:
Great expo but small.
Great city. Ran past many historical land marks. Birmingham is rich in civil rights history.
Water stops were organized and fresh fruit on the course.
Organized state and finish.
Great finisher party
Great bling
And a beach towel to marathon and half marathon finishers,

Cons of the race:
Uhm…they ran out of GU at mile 24. I had to give someone a gel so they could finish the race.

I LOVE This race and I would do it again. Everyone should put this race on their list. Enjoy the entire weekend and just live it up.