Today was a better day

Friday is usually a more hoppin’ day on the blog but I was MIA yesterday.

The weather is all kinds of horrible today. Just arrived to work with no power. #notgood
It all started with a horrible rain storm. I didn’t want to drive to the gym in this horrible rain storm at 5 am because I’m afraid to drive in Noah’s Ark weather. It took me an hour to get to work because there was a major flash flood happening. When I got to work, the power was out which isn’t a good thing. I really had some pressing projects that needed to be finished yesterday. I had to wait around until the power came back on about 1pm which kind of through my day off.


Willie and I are doing a 62 mile bike ride tomorrow and I like to take a particular car for bike traveling. I needed to get my car inspected. I’ve been driving for 16 years and NEVER had a car fail inspection, but yesterday my car failed. I needed to get 2 back tires. The tires on my car are special order and expensive. I didn’t like having to drop that money yesterday.

#pho with friends! #dinner #carbloading #goodeats

It was a horrible day but we made it through. That’s the thing about bad days, tomorrow will be a new day and chance for us to start again. Remember, a person is defined not by the situation but how they deal with it. I was carbloading for my long run this morning so I got to enjoy some pho! It’s so good. I get the chicken broth with chicken.

#running 13.28 miles done in some #Texas humidity but there was a little breeze. Tomorrow is a 63 mile bike ride. #marathontraining #training #teamchocolatemilk #sweatpink #fitfluential #runchat #iambft

This morning I got up early to do my run. I was supposed to pull a 20 miler this week but I switched it for next week since I’m riding 62 miles tomorrow. So I only ran 13 miles which went pretty good. Due to all the rain yesterday, I had built in walk breaks when I got to the puddles. I really enjoyed the run and didn’t run with music so it must have been good. Next week, I won’t be doing that. I was scared out of my mind when I first started the run because I saw something that wasn’t a dog in the bushes. When the sun came up, I found out it was a doe. I guess she was pushed out from the woods due to all the rain.

What did you do today? What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on a run?