Enjoying the Christmas season with a bike ride

This week has been filled with holiday things.  We had our run group Secret Santa on Monday and tonight we had the Christmas Light Bike Ride.  I was a little worried that it was going to rain tonight and we wouldn’t be able to ride.  It was misty, but I still made it.  It was really hard to see. It all started with Sainta Clause.  Who Dat! Dancing #santas! A video posted by Angela (@angelabeatfat) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:48pm PST And then there were dancing Santas. I had to get my picture taken with one of the dancing… View Post

The 62 mile bike ride: Year 2

This was my second year doing the Katy Flatland Century, BUT this was Willie’s first “big boy” bike ride ever. I’ve really wanted him to ride with me but road bikes are expensive. He was kind enough to let me get my bike first. He really wanted to make sure he would love the experience before he dropped that much money on a bike. So we borrowed a bike from our good friends for the occasion. Luckily, Rodale sent me some books on cycling for beginners which we both looked through. Yes, I got my bike last year but I’m… View Post

Today was a better day

Friday is usually a more hoppin’ day on the blog but I was MIA yesterday. It all started with a horrible rain storm. I didn’t want to drive to the gym in this horrible rain storm at 5 am because I’m afraid to drive in Noah’s Ark weather. It took me an hour to get to work because there was a major flash flood happening. When I got to work, the power was out which isn’t a good thing. I really had some pressing projects that needed to be finished yesterday. I had to wait around until the power came… View Post

Hello I think I have arthritis in my knee

I’ve made MULTIPLE trips to my physical therapist the past couple of weeks to deal with a flare up. Last year when I knew nothing about running I totally injured myself in the form of an IT Band injury. It totally sucked so I took the time to educate myself on running and training injury free. We all know this year I’ve been running a little bit more, right? I had a new “injury” pop up this week and it had me a little worried. My knee became really tight and I didn’t know WTF was going on, but then… View Post