Setting up the week

Good evening everyone! I’ve been meal prepping all day. To be honest, I’ve been trying to prep for an extended amount of time too because I’m going to be busy the next few weeks. I don’t want my meals to suffer. I’m trying to think ahead. Plus, I’ve learned the magic of buying in bulk from Sam’s Club and my crockpot. It’s just easier for me to prepare meals with the set it and forget it method.

Food prep #fitfluential

This weekend was kind of cool because we traveled to Houston again because I ran a half marathon on Saturday. That means we had a chance to roll into Trader Joes. I purchased my usual haul of cashew butter, variety of salsas and some shredded brussels sprouts. This week I also spotted some enchilada sauce. This is something I usually make on my own but I thought I would give it a try.

So what’s on the menu this week? Let me show you:

Breakfast is still the same thing. Egg muffins and overnight oats. It just works out best.

Food prep #fitfluential
Lunch is orange chicken with brown rice and sugar snap peas.

Meal prep

I also baked up some apples because I like to have those with lunch too!

Food prep #fitfluential
For dinner I made enchiladas with ground turkey. Served with that will be poblano and corn brown rice and black beans.

via @frametastic

On tap just in case I need them:
Roasted sweet potatoes
Collard greens and spinach
I always have romaine and tomatoes for a quick salad if I want that for a side too.

Pinapples with cottage cheese and Triscuits
Greek yogurt with Wheat Thins
Luna Bars

So are you prepared for this week? What did you meal prep for today?