Happy Monday!  It’s time to kick start the week and make something happen.  I’m a huge sports person and watching sports gives me warm fuzzy feelings.  Last night was the Super Bowl and the winter Olympics are coming up.  I’m filled with all kinds of warm feelings on the inside.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it through an Olympic game without shedding some tears.  Just knowing people worked so hard to achieve their dreams and they finally made it without even standing on the podium is enough to move me.  But when I see a medal ceremony, it’s hard… View Post

This is a very hard blog post for me to write.  In fact, I’ve been putting it off for a LONG time.  I took a period off from blogging when I found out I was pregnant because what I wanted to write about I couldn’t.  It was a secret that I couldn’t share…yet.  I aim to be as transparent as possible with my blog when I finally decide to talk about something.  This is my Thinking Out Loud post.  This one is going to be hard. When I found out I was pregnant, I was happy but at the same… View Post

Why does fear always get in the way?  I’ve written many times about fear and how it stops me from trying new things or talking to some people.  Fear is a crazy thing that creeps into my head when I don’t want it there.  Remember being a child and having no fear?  Adult hood has really jaded me because it’s not really the fearful act that gets me; it’s the consequences if I fail. I must always keep in mind that failures are not a bad thing.  Failures are learning experiences for the future. I’ve been trying something new lately.… View Post

I’m one year older and wiser and I don’t mind!  My 20s weren’t that eventful and filled with lots of LOWS but my 30s are amazing!  For the first time I starting to live my life.  I’m starting to enjoy things and I’m definitely starting to open up.  I still have my moments of being down trodden, but I promise you those moments are FEW and far between. So what do I want to tackle in my next year in life? 1. I want to eat more froyo!  Wait, I shouldn’t do that.  I probably have too much as it… View Post

The holidays are a hard time for people who are food conscious.  Just because I lost all this weight doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with food and right now I just feel like my eating hasn’t been that good.  My eating habits probably aren’t as bad as I’m making it seem; it’s just that I’m eating foods that I usually don’t eat.  I am desperately trying to get rid of the leftovers in the house so I can put the holiday behind me.  I hate wasting money and throwing away food is just wasting money to me.  This morning… View Post