Yo Angela! Why don’t you post about food anymore?

I’ve had people ask me this in person and through e-mail.  I’m here to settle the subject.  I don’t post about my food anymore because I eat the same things all the time.  It’s not interesting.  It’s really about convenience with me.  Eating the same thing might be a little boring but I know how long it takes to make it and exactly what is in it.

That being said, when I eat something different I’ll be sure to let you know.

Willie made dinner! #salmon #peas #healthyeats #healthy #dinner
Willie made some salmon on Tuesday. That’s another reason I don’t post pictures anymore. I don’t really cook. I make Willie cook. You know why? I spent 3 years of my marriage making every meal we put in our mouths because Willie wouldn’t even boil water. Now he likes to cook so that takes some relief off me.

The salmon was good. He put some mustard, balsamic vinegar sauce on it and it was DELICIOUS. Probably took about 15 minutes to make the whole thing. It was done by the time I was done chatting it up with my buddy! My original plan was to made a little veggie medley with it but Willie pulled out the wrong peas so I rolled with the flow. It was good all in the same.

So I eat the same things everyday and I really don’t cook anymore.

When I do eat out I eat the same things: pancakes (after races ONLY and always with sugar free syrup), Pho because it’s delicious, Indian when I’m looking for a splurge and Greek to carb up for races. How many of those pictures do you really want to see?

Apparently, you want to see all of those pictures.

Lentil soup and pita

Maybe you want to have a “she’s just like me moment” which is fine with me. Just know, I’m just like you. I struggle, I celebrate, I laugh, I cry, I eat, I stress out, I work out and just have a good time like most people. What makes me different than you? For the most part I eat pretty healthy.  Lots of veggies, very little meat.

The bigs! The ladies got big cups.
I have a frozen yogurt addiction. Seriously, I have a freaking problem that I need to get under control. My friend doesn’t help me keep it under control either.  She encourages the froyo eating.  BOO! I run marathons so I can partake in froyo!  MY SECRET IT OUT!

See, so I’m just like you. I eat. I just don’t eat a lot of things I THINK is worth posting.  But I could be wrong!