The battle for mental health

There’s been so much talk lately about mental health lately with the passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I was a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and one day I hope to be able to tell a story like him.  That death hit me a little harder, but it also opened up some emotions in me.  People committed suicide every day and I’m glad there is focus on mental health right now.  But I feel like we should be focusing on this more than what we do and I don’t mean by giving out a suicide prevention number.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m an expert on the subject but I know how mental health issues affect a family.  I also know what having mental health issues have affected me personally after weight loss and after having my child. it’s been a struggle.  It hasn’t been easy.  Some days are better than others.


I have sought professional help, so I don’t want people thinking I’m going on a whim here.  I’m just sharing a not so glamorous side of life that maybe people need to hear.  The times are dark and it is a constant battle but you always have to remember even when you see no options, there is probably another option.  Dealing with the issues isn’t a one fix for all.  Just like anything else, what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  I have good and bad days which means I have my own set of warning signs that let me know things could be better.  I am happy to say as time goes by things are getting better.  I’m learning the tools to help me through difficult situations.

If you are struggling with these issues, it’s ok to seek professional help.  There has been a huge stigma on mental health and no one should feel ashamed for seeking help.  It will make a big difference.

The thing that is my saving grace is being able to do something for myself.  It’s hard and life is busy but I just need a little bit of time a day for me.  Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up into one thing or a couple of things and it takes all of my focus. It’s not always easy to see past that one thing so it’s important for me to step away from that.  Whether it’s working out, working on my daily devotional, or even working on this blog.  I have to carve out that space of time to just rebalance.

Not everyone struggles with this, but chances are you know someone who does.  I’ve been on both sides of this issue and all I can say is it’s important to be there.  Be a staple in someone’s life, even when they don’t seem receptive.  Keep showing up no matter how many times they turn you away.  Keep calling even if they don’t answer because there will be a time when they need to talk.  If you notice any questionable behavior, encourage that person to seek help.

Most importantly, take the time to listen.  Sometimes you just need someone to talk to so that you don’t feel alone.  People aren’t always looking for a solution to their problems but maybe just a little strength to handle the problem.  Sometimes you just need someone to help temper that flame growing inside of you and there’s nothing more frustrating than someone trying to fix the problem instead of just lending a loving ear.

Like I said, I’m not an expert and these are just a few things that I know.  My experience is just my own and that is the only thing I have to talk about the subject.  I hope there was a little help in this post for someone.