Yo Angela! Why don’t you post about food anymore?

I’ve had people ask me this in person and through e-mail.  I’m here to settle the subject.  I don’t post about my food anymore because I eat the same things all the time.  It’s not interesting.  It’s really about convenience with me.  Eating the same thing might be a little boring but I know how long it takes to make it and exactly what is in it. That being said, when I eat something different I’ll be sure to let you know. Willie made some salmon on Tuesday. That’s another reason I don’t post pictures anymore. I don’t really cook.… View Post

Notes on Willie’s birthday and homemade frozen yogurt

Willie’s birthday was on Monday.  He’s growing into an old  wiser man!  He’s so low key that he didn’t want to do anything which made it hard for me.  I always want to make moments in his life super special but he’s happy with toned down and low key.  I guess it’s the time we spend together that makes it special, right? When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said nothing. I wasn’t going to let that fly so I went searching for the perfect card and perfect present. The card search was a lot harder… View Post

Froyo, I’m going to quit you!

Froyo (aka frozen yogurt) is my thing.  When I was larger, I would sit down with quarts of ice cream and devour them while watching television…along with a McDonalds 20 pack of chicken nuggets, two double cheeseburgers, large fries and just for my own health, a medium order of fries too.  Not my healthiest moment, eh? But froyo was/is my trip off the beaten path in our new lifestyle change. I can eat my weight in froyo, run a half marathon and come back for more.  (You definitely know what I’ll be eating AFTER I finish my first marathon.) My… View Post