Race Recap: RnR Dallas

It’s been a super busy day!  I really wanted to post this morning, but it just wasn’t happening.  I should be sleep right now because I have to teach at 5AM but I’m sitting here writing the blog because I don’t want it to get pushed back any further.  I have other blogs I want to post this week so it’s important it comes out today!

This past weekend, I spent the time running with my friends at Rock n Roll Dallas!  I’m not going to completely bash my hotel, but staying at this particular hotel was the low light of the whole trip.  I do believe that when you pay that much for a hotel you should be able to sleep in peace and not have to worry about calling security two nights in a row.


I have so much to say but there’s just not enough time and I don’t want to bore you with the little details.  There are just a few things you need to know about the weekend!

I’ve committed to a tri! I’ve been pushing it off because I’m afraid of failing. So I’ve put it on the schedule and I’ll pay for it when we get back from China. But this will be my big TRI! Hopefully I’ll get some sprint tris under my belt before then so I can do the Olympic distance!

I rode the shoe at the expo to get a cooler!

I had dinner with my running group…

Carb loading! #rnrdal
Carbed with chicken pesto thin crust pizza. Willie and I shared it and it was amazing. Very light and not a lot of cheese or meat. Just the way I like it!

I got to meet my social media friends! Pointonemiles and John!

Meet some new Team Chocolate Milk teammies, Jennifer and Peter, and had fun with old friends. It was good to see Jesus even if it was for a minute! Crazy barefoot runner! GTS was really representing here at RnR Dallas with Team Chocolate Milk! I love it!

The race went well. I was trying to finish in 2:10 with Tyson but his long legs were making me angry. I couldn’t keep up with him. I could keep him in seeing distance but it was too hard for me to run stride for stride with him. It made me sad and angry at the same time. Plus, Tyson is a champ at the water stations. I have to stop but he can keep rolling through them. I have to get better because I know that would probably shave 5 minutes off my time! Now I’m starting to think about the little things that slow me down and water stations are a big part of that!

Couldn't have made it to my PR without Tyson!  He actually 2:10 but I couldn't keep up with his long legs.  Next time we'll finish it together!
I didn’t quite make it to 2:10 like Tyson but I made it to 2:12:20 which a PR for me! A minute and about 30 seconds off my time so I was one happy girl. You’ll notice all the pictures after the race I was super happy! Without Tyson I don’t think I would have done it. Tyson challenges me to push my pace and keep with it. I never thought I was going to PR again after chasing it for so long and not getting it. I just know I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough because I was just settling. Plus, running a marathon is different than running a half and my focus has been on the marathon! BIG congrats to Tyson for setting another PR!

And to his sister for running her first half this weekend and finishing it in 2:04! I need to train with her!

He's back to running.  China, here we come!
Willie ran the race too and the pain was limited. He found a way to make it work for him! I’m proud of him.

These are the moments I love the most.  When I get to spend time with my friends and we all do what we love!  The race was great and I PRed but it was really about the amazing weekend I had with my friends.

It's a PR: 2:12:20!  A minute and a half off my time. Had a great time with my Got Chocolate Milk Team.  I was happy in my #finishstrong moment, eh?
And the lowfat chocolate milk at the end means I can keep going! Thanks Team Chocolate Milk for all the memories and the delicious treat at the end of the 13.1 miles! It’s greatly appreciated because we need to be strong for The Great Wall of China!


I do believe I met all my goals this weekend.  I didn’t spend too much at the expo.  I had an amazing weekend with my friends.  And most importantly, I chased down that PR!  It feels soo good.  I love this race and I’ll do it again next year!  There were some things I didn’t remember from last year…like how hilly it would be.  I must have been a running beast last year to think it wasn’t a big deal.  This year was a different can of worms but I still survived.  I LOVED IT!

Slammed it! #breakfast #rnrdal

And of course, there were pancakes when it was over!