Break out of the holiday rut

There’s still one big event left in the holiday season but you can break out of the holiday rut now.  Christmas cookies have been consumed and that holiday meal is behind us.  It’s time to get active and burn off those holiday calories.  How exactly can you break out of the holiday rut? Here are some of my suggestions:


1. Just suck it up and work out.  The good thing about being a fitness instructor is I have no choice but to jump right back into the swing of things so I had no problem with it.  I promise if you go it won’t be that big a deal.  People hardly ever complain about having done a work out.  Working out will make you feel better and once the first workout back is done, the following workouts will come easier.

2. So yes you ate a lot of holiday calories and there still might be some leftovers.  Throw the leftovers away and get back to a healthy eating plan.  Cakes, pies and cookies are OK in moderation, but if you have leftover go ahead and throw them out OR give them away.  If you have the stuff around the house, you’ll be tempted to eat them!

3. Start a meal plan.  If you plan out your meals and even do some meal prep, your food will be ready when you’re ready to eat it and there’s nothing for you to have think about!  Meal prep is an important part of this so you won’t go reaching for junk when it’s time for lunch or dinner.

4. Work out with a friend.  If you have someone to go with you then you’ll be more inclined to go.  It’s about accountability so grab a friend and go on your way.

5. Do something different.  My first thought was to get some new workout clothes so you’ll be excited about going.  OR you can try a new class or new workout regime to get you excited to sweat!  It’s almost a new year so a change up might be what you need to get motivated to get back into the gym.

My knees are screaming for an ice bath! #recovery #training #marathontraining

This morning I had to unexpectedly teach a cycle class.  It was an emergency situation so I really needed to step up.  I was kind of looking for a break from cardio but when you’re apart of a team you just have to jump it.  Yesterday I forgot to get ice for an ice bath and I was too lazy to go back out.  Good thing because it wouldn’t have been that effective, but this morning after teaching class I ran to the store for ice.  My knees were begging for an ice bath!  I guess I’ve gotten use to it because I don’t cringe when Willie starts dumping the ice in! And this time I wasn’t whining about getting out, in fact I didn’t even know my 15 mins were up.

Are you stuck in a holiday rut? What can you do to get out of it?