Six reasons to exercise

I was thinking about some of the reason I like to workout. It’s not just running folks, I like to do other things too. This was the perfect time to talk about a few reasons to exercise and get on the road to an active lifestyle.


1. We all need to live an active lifestyle.  It’s about getting up and getting moving.  Want to lose the weight? The best way to start is just to get moving.

2. It makes you happy. People have commented on my cheery disposition and I have to say, it’s all due to exercise.  I don’t worry about the things I once obsessed about it and my overall attitude is just better.  It can do the same for you.

3. Exercise helps with time management.  When you have to fit this appointment into your weekly schedule, you quickly learn how much time you were wasting during the day.  The problem with me: I realized how much time I was wasting doing nothing and reorganized my life and sometimes do too much now!

4. It’s the time that you’re truly caring about yourself.  When you take the time to exercise you’re improving you and most of the time you’re working out for yourself and no one else.  You’re the person who will reap the rewards of doing the activity.

5. Getting exercise comes in many different forms so there’s plenty to choose from.  Hate running?  Well you can walk.  Like to dance? Try zumba!  Want to live out your dreams on the soccer field? Take up soccer.  It’s all about getting out there and finding something that you love to do.  That way it doesn’t seem like work in the end.

6. Because you can.  There is nothing holding you back.  Small steps turn into great strides.  Get out there and keep it going.


Why do I love to exercise? There are so many reasons besides the ones mentioned above. I like to find cute workout clothes for sure! I definitely like going to classes and meeting new people. You never know who will end up being your friend. (See my friends from the gym wore high socks just for me when I taught a cycle class a few months ago!)

I like just being able to think and clear my head and when I work out that’s the time I get to do it. It’s just me and the workout, nothing else matters. I kind of just leave everything at the door! And there’s always the upside of improved health and less heavier body. That’s always a plus!

What are some of your reasons why you love working out?