Happy Halloween! Is it all about candy?

It’s the day that we all loved as kids because we could dress up like anything and get free candy for it!  And of course, there are the pumpkins.  Children get so excited about pumpkins and most adults don’t enjoy the carving process.  I wonder if it’s because it’s too messy or just too time consuming?


Last Saturday, we took our god daughter to the pumpkin patch. She was running around that place so fast and having the time of her life, even though there weren’t many pumpkins left. That’s understandable though because Halloween was very near.


She is all kind of cute, but I know she’s looking forward to her candy tonight.

People ask if we give out candy since we’ve changed our lifestyle and the simple answer is yes, we do. Halloween is a celebration and kids are rewarded with candy. Just because we ventured on our lifestyle change doesn’t mean that everyone in the world is ready or willing to do the same. It’s not our place to dictate what kids should or shouldn’t eat. That should be up to their parents.

And there’s nothing wrong with candy. The problem with candy is the amount people tend to consume at one time. Everything in moderation and the same goes with candy. I feel like the woman handing out the obese letter to kids instead of candy is wrong. IF she feels so strongly about this she should just turn her lights off and give out no candy.

We give the children the option of natural fruit snacks, pretzels or candy. Surprisingly, the pretzels went faster than any of the candy last year with fruit snacks coming in a close second. I don’t think we should take away this day from the children. It’s up the parents to not let their child consume their whole bag of Halloween candy in one night!

Just remember there are other options to giving out candy too.  Like I mentioned, we give out fruit snacks or pretzels but granola bars, toys or trinkets (cards, bells, whistles crayons, etc), mini bars (Clif or Larabars), or crackers work the same too! It’s really about seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes and having a great time.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you give out candy?  What’s your favorite candy to have?

Me, I don’t really care for candy and never did, but I know Willie enjoys a good peanut butter cup!