Teach Yourself DIY and Take Charge of Your Home

Stereotypically, people often view DIY and home maintenance as a man’s job. But as you well know, this is an incredibly outdated and archaic viewpoint that comes from old-fashioned notions of masculinity and prejudice.

There is no reason why a woman can’t get her hands dirty and get stuck into some home repairs. Whether putting up a shelf or building an entire home gym from scratch, anyone can learn the DIY skills needed to keep their home in top condition.


Mastering these techniques will enable you to take charge of your home, boost your confidence, and save time and money. So, to start your home maintenance journey, here are four tips for teaching yourself DIY.

Get the right tools.

You can use thousands of different tools, parts, and gadgets for DIY, but you don’t need to get them all at once. Just a few essential items will get you a long way when you’re just starting. A hammer, a screwdriver, a spirit level, and a tape measure are all essential, although it depends on your job. For example, if your dryer needs fixing, you will need your primary tools and specific parts to correct the issue. Click here to find replacement parts for your dryer. 

Your local hardware store can advise you on the best brands and models. You don’t need to go for the most expensive option with all the bells and whistles, but you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for cost. With time and experience, you will find your toolkit slowly expanding.

Watch YouTube tutorials

Every job that needs doing around the house will have an array of YouTube tutorials telling you exactly how to complete it. It’s a convenient way to learn new skills, as you can watch the video and follow the process step by step. After a while, you can crack on with the job without even watching the tutorial.

Ask for advice

Everyone knows someone handy around the house. And these are the best people to ask for advice. If you need more clarification about a specific technique or equipment, your knowledgeable friend or relative will be happy to help. They may offer to demonstrate particular techniques or let you borrow their expensive tools. You only have to ask.

Start slow

You want to avoid building a shed or fixing an engine on your first day trying out DIY. It’s important to start slowly, learning the ropes and gaining confidence before you get to the tough stuff. You’ll no doubt make plenty of mistakes along the way, but this is all part of the learning process and will help you improve in the long run. Just be patient, keep trying, and you will be a professional in no time.

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