ABC: My 9th Half Marathon Race Goals

Happy Friday! I’m waiting at the airport for my flight so it’s the perfect time to think about my weekend goals. Run Eat Repeat taught me a thing or two about setting a/b/c goals for my races.  I usually set change my goals to make myself feel better when I’m done running a race.  I thought this time I would hold myself accountable and really stick with my goals…and find another way to make myself feel accomplished after a race.

Packing for #RnRDen. Excited to run with my @gotchocomilk #teamrefuel buddies!<\center>
Packing for this race was a huge challenge for me because it’s going to be cold, like 40 something. I’m a Texas gal so I’m definitely not use to all that business. I’m always nervous about forgetting stuff anyway so having to pack cold weather running gear too is kind of nerve wracking. At least if I forgot something I can pick it up at the expo. I already know I’ll be picking up some shot blocs. I thought we had a whole basket of those suckers but with both of us training the bucket has come up empty.

My “A” goal: I didn’t get my 2:14 last week so I’ll still be pushing for 2:14 or better.

My “B” goal: To start my race out slow and steady. I usually take off in a race situation really we’ll but on my solo runs lately I’ve noticed I’ve started too fast. Plus, I don’t really want the altitude to force me to walk. I didn’t think about the altitude when I signed up for this race.

My “C” goal: To finish the race in enough time for me to relax a little and catch my flight back home. I should have booked my return flight for Monday, but I didn’t. That only means I’ll be reunited with my husband sooner. 🙂

Waiting on our flight! I see it's 30 degrees in Denver! #rnrden

I am also excited to spend the time with my mom, my best friend, my lil nephew and my honorary mom. They all love me so much to fly to Denver to spend time with me because my running schedule keeps me busy!

What are you doing this weekend? Do you have a race? What are your goals?