Back from Colorado

It’s been a long weekend but one that I definitely needed.  I’ve been really stressed and a little unhappy with things in my life so I needed some time to just loosen up and have a good time.  The only thing that really sucked about this trip was Willie couldn’t go with me.  I really enjoy having adventures with my husband but this one we couldn’t make work. I had a great time.  I have lots to blog about so I’ll be loading up the blog to get things out of the way.  I really planned on doing more blogging… View Post

Things I’m looking forward to doing in Denver

Note: This post was written on the plane this morning but I couldn’t get a wifi connection to post it earlier. I’m still posting it though because I took the time to write it. I had a super early flight this morning. I had to leave the house at 2:30am to make it to the airport. Obviously, that was too early for breakfast so I had to wait until after I made it through security. I packed some traditional oats in my backpack. When I found a coffee shop I got a cup of hot water and made my oats.… View Post

What’s in my race pack?

I’m leaving for Denver soon for the Revel Rockies Inaugural Marathon and I’m so excited.  The only thing about traveling is you have to pack.  I really dislike packing because I’m an over packer.  I don’t want to forget anything! Plus when I’m going away for a race, I never know what I’m going to want to wear.  I have to bring options!  It’s always hard! But first, did you see my ice bucket challenge from yesterday? Now back to my trip! As far as the food goes, I’m limited until I can get there.  I measured out my oatmeal… View Post

ABC: My 9th Half Marathon Race Goals

Happy Friday! I’m waiting at the airport for my flight so it’s the perfect time to think about my weekend goals. Run Eat Repeat taught me a thing or two about setting a/b/c goals for my races.  I usually set change my goals to make myself feel better when I’m done running a race.  I thought this time I would hold myself accountable and really stick with my goals…and find another way to make myself feel accomplished after a race. <\center>Packing for this race was a huge challenge for me because it’s going to be cold, like 40 something. I’m… View Post