Always be better than the day before

I’ve been trying to post for the past two days but I did something funky with the site. It took me all this time to figure out what I did wrong. Easy fix but many hours to figure it out. BUT I figured it out and I’m back to blogging.

I wanted to talk about motivation for my life lately. Being better than who I was yesterday IS a HUGE thing for me. I tell everyone in my cycle classes in the morning to just be better than they were yesterday. It’s something I always say but maybe I don’t always live by it. Sometimes I really need to take my own advice.

Spreading some #positive vibes in the blog. Challenge yourself everyday to be better than you were yesterday. Even if it's the smallest thing, you're still moving forward in a positive direction. Never give up! #fitfluential #fitfam #blogger #sweatpink

Today I want to share this message with you and encourage you to be better than you were yesterday. It can be the smallest thing that you do better each day that will make a big difference. Yes, I try to push myself in my workouts or in my lifestyle. I want to up the ante of every workout I attempt to face. Every time I put on those running shoes, I want to learn something that will give me the edge over yesterday. I want to lift heavier, plank longer or throw the gears up on the bike higher than the day before.

Don’t compete with anyone but yourself! Only you know how far you’ve come and where you want to go. There is no other measure of success than measuring against yourself. Most importantly, this is something that carries over to all parts of life. Not everyone was meant to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, teacher, plumber…whatever it is that you do. Celebrate the fact that you’re doing the best at what you have chosen to do in life. Success is not measured by the amount in your bank account or the size of your house (even though we’ve been taught that over and over). Success is measured by the effort you put in and the size of your heart. Heart meaning the will and passion to keep pushing even when things aren’t the way we planned them to be.

The only thing I ask of you is to challenge yourself every day and be better each day! That’s the only way to keep moving forward! It’s also a path for us to keep a positive attitude about the day the day.  At least you can always look back and say I was a better friend/wife/mother than yesterday because I did this (insert thing here). Or I stayed on the treadmill 5 minutes longer than I did yesterday.  It’s completely personal and really only matters to you.  Trying to please everyone or live up to other people’s versions of success will only put you in a deeper hole.  Don’t fall into the trap.

Be yourself.  Love yourself.

What is one thing you did better today than yesterday?

I did some yard work! Won't happen that often but I did it! #smallthings #accomplished #spring

Today I did yard work for the first time. It was a small thing but I did it. I’m not really a work in the yard type of girl but I thought I would lend a helping hand to Willie. I’m one step closer to becoming a yard guru! 😛