Pictures from the week

I thought I would share some pictures from my week. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I think you should!
Left my bar at home so I'm trying an #alt bar! #larabar #snacks #healthysnacks

On Tuesday when I struggled through a treadmill run I was ready for a Quest Bar but I left it at home. I went to the store to try an ALT bar and I didn’t hate it. From what I read, these bars are made from veggies.

I think I went a little #nuts at #Walgreens today. Everything was on sale so I got 2000 pts.

On Thursday I literally went nuts at Walgreens. Lots of these things are sale so I had to have them. I tried the wasabi almonds and immediately it was 1-800-IMN-LOVE!

My momma finished her LAST cancer treatment 10 mins ago! I'm so proud of my momma.  She's awesome! #love
My mom finished her last cancer treatment on Thursday. I’m happy to say she is cancer free and I hope she stays that way FOREVER! It’s been a long year and half but she took every twist and turn like a champ and she’s made it to this point.

I was super tired this morning. Glad I got to sleep until 6 am! #recovery

Friday I was super tired. I guess all the traveling caught up to me. I was supposed to teach a 5AM spin class but it got pulled from me at the last minute so I could recover. I slept in until 6 AM! That’s really late for me.

#mealprepping for another #trip! Gotta take stuff with us! #roadtrip #healthy #healthyeating

And then it was time for some food prep because we took a road trip for a special someone’s first birthday party!

7.5 sweaty #humid miles this morning BUT I got to see the #sunrise on the beach! #mississippi #running #sweatpink #marathontraining #nikeplus #pascagoula #runchat
This morning I ran 7.5 miles and it was hot sweaty. I definitely wasn’t running in Philly this week. The humidity was killing me and by the time I was done everything was sticking to me, but I got to see the sun rise on the beach.