Random photos from the weekend

I meant to post this on Sunday but I was lazy! I didn’t do much on Sunday but go to the grocer and watch Willie bake. Oh, I also caught up on Pretty Little Liars! That show is CRAZY!

I got my hair done since I'm not running this weekend! Lol! Went to a new lady and she did a great job!
On Friday, I got my hair done. Willie told me no running so this was the opportunity for me to get it done without having to worry about sweating it out. Verdict: My hair survived a 5 mile walk, a 55 min weight class but the 3 mile run yesterday did it in! And what was still manageable was gone after I taught my cycle class this morning. It was pretty while it lasted. Now I can stop worrying about maintaining my pretty hair getting back to really working out! Sad but true. There were a lot of exclamation points happening there.

Friday night Willie made his pizza dough and I veggied it up! We watched The Veronica Mars Movie and it was soo good. Yes, I have some complaints but I was glad there was a movie and that I helped make the movie by being contributing to the kickstarter. We got the digital download on Friday morning which meant we didn’t have to drive to Houston to watch it in theaters. It was just a good night!

Woollies told me no running until Monday and no strenuous workouts. Monday this girl will be back but until then it was a 5.68 mile walk! #fitness #fitfluential #fitcheckin
Saturday morning we went for a walk. I wanted to walk 7-10 miles but Willie wasn’t having it. He wouldn’t even let me do it on my own. I settled for 5.68 miles and even impressed Willie with my willingness to stop at not hit 6 miles or even 5.75 miles. I couldn’t win the battle on the miles or running, but I could win the fight on showing him a had a little bit of workout self-control. It was a win all around. I actually enjoyed the walk with Willie though because we talked A LOT and he didn’t mind it! I’m super self conscious about my thighs but Saturday was a day to break free and I had to capture the moment.

Willie made his first #cake! Too bad we're not eating it! It's for his co-workers! Tomorrow it's going to be a big hit! #desserts #stpaddysday
On Sunday, we went to the grocery store for our weekly shopping. Willie also wanted to make treats for his co-workers and our running group. He made drunken chocolate chip cookies and a hummingbird cake. This was his first attempt at cake. The running group enjoyed it yesterday and apparently the cookies were gone pretty quickly too. I had a cookie. It was good. I had a tiny bit of cake too and it was delicious. People are going to start expecting his treats now. He’s like me; I like to make the stuff but I don’t eat it. I pass it on!

It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella so I got a new one when we were out shopping. I was super excited to have this pretty umbrella. I had to protect my hair too.

#pasta sauce is happening now! I'm ready for #dinner! #homemade   #fromscratch
When Willie was done hogging the kitchen baking I made my pasta sauce from scratch. By the time he was done, I really didn’t want to cook but I was tired of eating out too. I made it anyway and I’m glad that I did because it was delicious and there was plenty for leftovers FOR DAYS. No kidding, I think we have enough for 3 more days after eating it twice already. I’m just going to freeze the rest!

People have been asking about my workouts so I’ll do a better job of posting them every week. Last week was kind of light for me since I was in recovery mode. I’ll try to post my week’s workouts on Sunday so I’m a little late here.

Week of March 10, 2014
Monday – 3.53 mile walk. No running. I didn’t feel like. OK that’s a lie. I wanted to run but my legs weren’t having it.
Tuesday – Taught my cycle Group Ride class.
Wednesday – Subbed a Group Ride class for a friend.
Thursday – Taught my regular cycle class.
Friday – NOTHING!
Saturday – 5.68 mile walk

This week is already shaping up to be something different! What did your workouts look like last week?

Pictures from the week

Pictures from the week

I thought I would share some pictures from my week. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I think you should! On Tuesday when I struggled through a treadmill run I was ready for a Quest Bar but I left it at home. I went to the store to try an ALT bar and I didn’t hate it. From what I read, these bars are made from veggies. On Thursday I literally went nuts at Walgreens. Lots of these things are sale so I had to have them. I tried the wasabi almonds and immediately it was 1-800-IMN-LOVE! My mom…

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