Food prep: there isn’t nothing new about that.

I read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of people on instagram and twitter.  I know when Sunday rolls around my feed is jammed with people doing the same thing I’m doing: food prep.  I’m not foolish enough to think my house was the only one food prepping for the week but I feel like you, readers of the blogs, are getting hit over the head with the same information just from a different blog.  I love all my fellow bloggers because we couldn’t make it out here in this virtual world without each other.  BUT I want… View Post

Eating healthy while traveling

This week I’m traveling to Savannah for a conference which got me thinking about traveling. I love to travel. When I close my eyes and picture the future, I see a lot of traveling. I’m a person who is always on the go so being healthy on the go is very important to me. Most people think when you’re away it’s a “vacation” which may be true. When I’m traveling I don’t like to completely blow it out of the water. Really the only time I didn’t fret much about eating was our China trip. I know there are some… View Post

Pictures from the week

I thought I would share some pictures from my week. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I think you should! On Tuesday when I struggled through a treadmill run I was ready for a Quest Bar but I left it at home. I went to the store to try an ALT bar and I didn’t hate it. From what I read, these bars are made from veggies. On Thursday I literally went nuts at Walgreens. Lots of these things are sale so I had to have them. I tried the wasabi almonds and immediately it was 1-800-IMN-LOVE! My mom… View Post