Failing at recovery

This shouldn’t be an issue. I’m on Team Chocolate Milk. I should be mastering recovery, but I’m failing. I noticed after I ran the half marathon on Sunday that I was a bit more beaten up than usually. I just figured it may have been due to the fact I ran the back half of the race a little harder than what I’ve been running lately. I waited too long for my lowfat chocolate milk. I mentioned that it started pouring very shortly after I crossed the finish line so I didn’t have enough time to grab anything for recovery.… View Post

Race Recap: One hot weekend at RnR San Antonio

It was my 12th half this year, Willie’s 3rd and my best friend Tyson’s first half/race EVER, so I was excited for this race.  It was kind of bittersweet because it was also the last RnR of the year!  I really wanted to end the RnR season with a bang but let me tell you that didn’t happen because it was SUPER hot.  I know when we started the race it had to be VERY close to 80 degrees and the humidity was killing before we even thought about running. Race day was also the day of my 20 miler… View Post

Fun in Denver before the race

I arrived in Denver late morning on Friday and headed to the hotel. There was a lot of things going on in Denver this past weekend so I was excited to be there. We ate lunch and had the worse service ever and then we headed to the expo! Expos are bad for me because I buy too much stuff, but I need running stuff, right? And it was rumored to be cold and let me tell you it wasn’t a rumor! There was a zombie crawl in downtown Denver and people were going all out for this. I wish… View Post

Sabine Causeway 5K

Last night I went running with my friends! I almost missed this race because I was scheduled to go to Gulf Shores to be with my bestie. I hate that I’m missing out on the fun, BUT something serious came up that kind of made me stay in town. Running this race was a good alternative for not sitting by the pool right now. I love running races at home because you know everyone and the environment is just fun and friendly. Everyone is so supportive and it’s just a great time! Here is my race video: Much better than… View Post

Race Recap: Area 13.1 Half Marathon Roswell, GA

Saturday night I ran a half marathon in Roswell, GA! I wanted to do something fun because I feel like I’m always doing these super serious races and I thought I just needed to chillax. This is my 6th half marathon of the year and I think I have 4 or 5 more to go plus my marathon! This was the most miles I’ve ran since the Rock n Roll San Diego Half, but I have been running consistently. I wasn’t trying to break any records here and I really wanted to keep a nice and steady pace throughout the… View Post