Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

This time last year I was side lined with an injury. I didn’t know much about anything and I was going on a hope and a prayer. I am taking the time to really educate myself and learn from my mistakes. People often say they aren’t hungry or don’t eat before workouts, but there are reasons that you should.

I have really stepped up my research on this because I’m about to begin training for my first marathon. Plus, I just want to stay healthy and injury free in life anyway. I already told you that I’m insane when it comes to my workouts. I know for a fact I don’t eat soon enough post workout after reading this. I hope you find this helpful because I sure did. And it talks about LOW FAT CHOCOLATE MILK! You know how much I love that stuff!

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Do you eat pre and post workout? If you don’t, why not? If you do, what’s your nutrition plan post workouts?